R 345.00
  • Compliant with EN 1303:2005
  • Number of key differs: over 30,000
  • Push resistance: projecting cam.
  • Drill resistance:
  • Hardened steel pin and driver in first position
  • Anti-picking resistance:
  • Para-centric key way
  • Mushroom type drivers.
  • 1000 different cylinders per MK key (excluding integrated key section capacity).
  • Other key configurations on request
  • Tested to 100 000 cycles
  • Compliant with EN 1303:2005 – Durability Grade 6

Keyed Alike locks are often referred to as "KA" locks. 

Master Keyed ("MK") refers to a set of locks that can all be opened by a master key AND by their own key (differ key).

A set of Master Keyed locks is called a system.

Locks in a Master Keyed system can be opened by more than one key.

Euro profile double cylinder nickel plated	59mm

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R 170.00
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Large Oval Brass Cylinder Double
R 899.00

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